Energy-efficient pellet factory in Tanagura: production and fuel at the same time.

A cogeneration plant was installed at a seed pellet factory in Tanagura, Fukushima Prefecture, to reduce CO₂ emissions and the cost of pellet production.
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Goal of the factory:
Reduce cost and carbon footprint for pellet fuel.



The “WE-50P” pellet biomass cogeneration plant was installed.

Services and benefits

  • The heat is used for drying sawdust.
  • The use of built-in tanks for pellet production has minimized the construction time.
  • Local, sustainable energy production for the mill’s own needs.
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Facts Seed Pellet Factory Tanagura
Running pellet-biomass power plant

Power generation
WE-50P: 50kWel for the seed factory’s own needs

Heat generation
supplies 120 kWth

Special advantages
Electricity and heat from the CHP are used as energy sources for pellet production.

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This plant was manufactured and installed by ENTRENCO GmbH.

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