WegscheidEntrenco uses the proven principle of combined heat and power (CHP), which produces electricity and heat simultaneously at high efficiency. Our patented technology achieves high efficiency through uniform, finely controlled gasification and harmonious coordination of the entire process chain. By using wood as biomass, the raw material cycle is CO₂-neutral.
Technology of the 50 kWel Plants
Technology of the 135 kWel Plants

Technology of the 50 kWel plants


Wood gas generation

Heat Exchanger

Wood gas cooling


Wood gas is freed from ash

Ash discharge

Ash is discharged from the system


Wood gas is burned in the engine


Power generation

Heat Exchanger

Heat recovery from exhaust gas

Control Cabinet

Technology of the Plants with ≥ 135 kWel

Fuel Supply

The wood chips are fed into our system via a screw conveyor.

3-part wood carburetor

Our carburetor has tested technology, which guarantees stable operation, low maintenance and long service life.

Double tube

The syngas from the gasification process is fed to our hot gas filter.

Hot gas filter

The patented design uses metallic filter cartridges with a long service life. Thanks to the high degree of separation, clean wood gas is supplied to the engine.

Ash container and ash box

Due to the efficient gasification process, only little ash is produced and the ash is free of toxic substances. No additional costs for waste disposal.

Flare line

Automatic safety feature and is used to compensate the gas flow of the plant.

Gas cooler

Hot gas must be cooled before it enters the engine. Since it is connected to the water circuit, this is the first source of heat.

Safety filter

The safety filter is unique in the industry. Other remaining microparticles are filtered out of the gas.

High reliability and economic efficiency

The engine, generator and other key components are carefully selected series products from renowned manufacturers and thus guarantee high reliability and economy. Finally, by developing and manufacturing our products in Germany, we fulfill the expectations associated with ''Egineered in Germany''.


moderne Technologie im Maschinenraum Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerke von Wescheid Entrenco
In over 15 years we have developed our products and components to perfection. Developed and tested in-house, we guarantee the longevity of our components. Other key components such as the engine and generator are carefully selected and customized series products from renowned manufacturers. Finally, we fulfill the Made in Germany claim by developing and manufacturing our products in Germany.
Hochentwickelte Hardware Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerke von Wegscheid Entrenco

A sophisticated filter system

Our advanced hardware guarantees the longest operating time on the market. This is due to the filtration of the syngas that is fed to the engine. Very low levels of micro-particles and wear guarantee the longevity and constant operation of our 12 liter engine. This ensures high plant availability and reduces the need for on-site personnel.

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Expansion of the fuel spectrum

Another focus area in our development work is the expansion of the fuel spectrum from wood pellets and wood chips to other biomasses. We have investigated the combustion behavior of more than 400 different materials and mixture ratios, from hazelnut shells to various types of straw and food waste to plastic. For fuels that cannot be processed on our carburetor, we have developed a special technology that is currently being tested.
Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerk von Wegscheid Entrenco Aufbau im Container


Our product range consists of three types of plants: 50 kWel for wood pellets and 50 kWel for wood chips, as well as the 135 kW plant with wood chips. See more details here.
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