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A biomass cogeneration plant with wood-fired power generation is particularly worthwhile for companies that require large amounts of thermal energy on a constant basis for their operations. Here you can find more details for different industries.
Stromverbrauch Energiekosten BHKW WegscheidEntrenco

Renewable Energies for the Hotel Industry

More and more hotels are switching to a more reliable and, above all, independent energy supply. We compare the options for you and explain for which hotel a CHP is worthwhile.
Renewable Energies for Hotels
Holzhackschnitzel dünne Äste Holzverstromung mit Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerk von Wegscheid Entrenco

Utilization of Waste Wood for Wood Processing Industry

Waste wood makes an enormous contribution on the way to the energy and heat turnaround. But what is waste wood actually and which species are suitable for use in a biomass cogeneration plant? Here you can find out the most important facts.
Utilization of Waste Wood

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