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Plug & Perform - our end-to-end service for our customers

Our Plug & Perform approach aims to provide an all-round service that largely frees the customer from having to look after the plants, so that he can concentrate on his actual business. Our customers' satisfaction starts with expert advice and planning, continues with remote control of the largely automatic systems, and extends to professional maintenance and servicing. With this all-round service, we want to set standards.
By the way, we use sophisticated calculation tools to show the economic perspective of an investment and thus create a clear basis for decision-making.

Our Process

We serve customers from various industries and in many regions worldwide - from the DACH region to Italy, the UK, Eastern Europe and Japan. Although we can offer proven industry solutions, individual customer needs and local conditions require a customized project.
  • 1

    In an initial consultation, we ask you about your objectives and the general conditions.

  • 2
    On-site visit

    An on-site visit helps us to get an authentic insight and to record further important parameters.

  • 3
    Possible Solutions

    Usually, we can already outline possible solutions and give initial indications of investment requirements and earnings potential.

  • 4

    The further detailing up to the concrete offer takes place in constant dialogue, so that ultimately we hit the target exactly.

Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerke Wegscheid Entrenco Servicemitarbeiter bei der Anlagewartung am Laptop

Remote control

After installation of a system, we offer our customers not only an extensive warranty promise but also a reliable all-round service at attractive prices. This includes scheduled maintenance work and 24/7 monitoring and control of each individual plant by our service center in Regensburg. With our market-leading technology, we can continuously monitor the automatically operating plants with regard to numerous technical parameters and take corrective action if necessary. This ensures high process efficiency and plant availability, minimizing the need for on-site personnel.


Biomasse Blockheizkraftwerke Wegscheid Entrenco Servicemitarbeiter bei der Anlagewartung Maschinencheck


Since our plants are largely self-regulating and are monitored and controlled by the Service Center, the need for our service technicians to be on site is limited. When they arrive for annual maintenance or a malfunction, they are optimally prepared on the basis of the extensive machine documentation and bring any spare parts that may be required. In the final meeting with the customer, the condition of the plant is then discussed and we give advice on how to achieve even better performance, for example by improving the fuel quality.

Fully automatic operation

Our sophisticated machine control system, which achieves self-regulation even in the event of fluctuations, e.g. in fuel quality, has a special market position, enabling fully automatic operation. Via our round-the-clock control center in Regensburg, we can monitor and control plants anywhere in the world with regard to all essential technical parameters. This enables high plant availability and reduces the need for on-site personnel.

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Our product range consists of three types of plants: 50 kWel for wood pellets, 50 kWel for wood chips and 135 kWel for wood chips and briquettes. See more details about our products here.
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