Wood-fired power generation in Bamberg: wellness with a clear conscience.

In Bamberg, our wood-fired power plant is used to heat the Bambados adventure pool.

Stadtwerke Bamberg has been using our wood-fired power plant to operate the Bambados adventure pool since 2011. The plant is purely heat-led and has been running smoothly since commissioning.

For the heat supply of hotels and residential areas, our plants provide the necessary stable performance. With our service friendliness, we are also available to provide advice and assistance after commissioning.

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Facts Bamberg, Germany
Heat-controlled wood-fired power generation plant since 2011

Power generation
currently supplies 125 kWel

Heat generation
currently supplies 230 kWth

Annual operating time
+8.200 hours

Special advantages
Significantly reduced energy consumption

Reduction of CO2 emissions of the adventure pool by about 1,525 tons per year.

Doubled know-how with WegscheidENTRENCO since 2022

Since 2022, WegscheidEntrenco has stood for teamwork - and for double the energy.

With doubled know-how, our experience and our passion for innovation, together we are driving an independent, cost-effective and sustainable energy supply based on biomass even more effectively.

This plant was manufactured and installed by Bioenergie Wegscheid in 2011.

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