Independent power supply for Kushima Hospital.

At Kushima Municipal Hospital in Miyazaki Prefecture, a biomass cogeneration plant is used for independent and decentralized energy supply for disaster prevention or mitigation.
Kushima Krankenhaus Japan Referenz Blockheizkraftwerk Wegscheid Entrenco

Hospital goal:
Independent and decentralized energy for local disaster prevention/mitigation while maintaining low carbon emissions.


A pellet-fired “WE-50P” CHP and high-efficiency chillers/heaters were installed in 2021.

Services and benefits

  • The hospital continues to operate even during power outages.
  • The air-conditioning systems are independent of electricity and are powered by the CHP’s heat or cold generation.
  • The hospital uses local renewable energy resources from the surrounding forest areas.
  • The use of fossil fuels and CO₂ emissions from the hospital facilities have been significantly reduced.
Krankenhaus Kushima Anlage von oben Referenz Blockheizkraftwerk Wegscheid Entrenco

Facts hospital Kushima
Running pellet-biomass power plant since 2021

Power generation
WE-50P: 49.9 kWel. for own plants

Heat generation
supplies 120 kWth

Special advantages
Power supply even during power outages

Hot water generation

Air conditioning

Doubled know-how with WegscheidEntrenco since 2023

Since 2023, WegscheidEntrenco has stood for teamwork - and for double the energy.

With doubled know-how, our experience and our passion for innovation, together we are driving an independent, cost-effective and sustainable energy supply based on biomass even more effectively.

This plant was manufactured and installed by ENTRENCO GmbH in 2021.

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